The Mojo Market – Sea Point

There is a new foodie hotspot in town and it’s called The Mojo Market. A dazzling little space filled with food and design vendors serving up all things delicious. (Yes – even the leather handbags)

With a large variety of cuisine, this is the new place for inducing food comas!
You can find traditional South African cuisine such as bunny chows, bobotie and potjie along with international treats such as Mexican, Cuban and Hawaiian (my personal favourite – Hokey Poke – A fresh bowl food concept that I am in love with.)

If you are anything like me and find cheese something of a spiritual experience; be sure to visit raclette store.
For those that don’t know; raclette is a Swiss cheese that is melted and served with baby potatoes along with pickles and pickled onions.
This could very well be their greatest claim to fame (along with wartime neutrality and the Large Hadron Collider in Cern)

If you have visited Switzerland, Germany or Austria the smell will fill you with European nostalgia in a nano second!

Whether you are looking for sushi, burgers, nourish bowls, tacos or pizza you will find it at the market. There is even an artisanal tea stand selling exquisite teas.

It also houses stands of local designer wear that showcase some pretty amazing homegrown talent.
You’ll find handcrafted leather bags, beautifully handmade clothing, jewellery, accessories – All with a truly local flare.

In hindsight, I must say it would have been a great discovery before my journey out to the desert for AfrikaBurn. The craftsmanship of some of the items I stumbled on at Mojo would have found a perfect juxtaposition in Tankwa. I love supporting local and with such great designs, it’s really a bit of a no-brainer.

If you find yourself there in the evening why not visit the fresh oyster and champagne bar? A glass of crisp bubbles paired with sunset views of the Sea Point promenade is a pretty great end to the day. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the sunset with a perfect glass of bubbly and raclette.
The seating area has more of a cafeteria/food-hall feel to it, great for relaxed, laid back missions but perhaps not the right fit for a couple looking for a bit more ambience and privacy.

My sweet tooth kicked in like the demon it is while I was perusing the goods and I had to hunt for something to satisfy the craving immediately.

I tried Baskin Robbins (because of the sugar content) and of course the novelty of trying the only American brand in the market. Its inclusion does seem a bit off amongst the craftier food stalls but judging from the queues – it’s clear that my perception is lost on the regular market goer and family units where the kids are screaming for the brightest fare on offer. Their neon pink signage certainly does the trick.

After my cotton candy ice cream, I popped in to try the brownies at the local sweet store – which was a wise choice in my opinion. (The wise choice here being a second dessert…obviously)

I love the fact that there is also a small local butcher, bakery and vegetable store. All organic and fresh.
It’s a great spot to pop into if you are needing to fill up the pantry with odds and ends. The selection is small and considered, so don’t expect sprawling aisles. You have a local woollies or checkers for that.

The market is attached to the Mojo Hotel. Offering private rooms and dorms. This space has a quirky interior that falls in line with the design element of the whole experience. I must say that if I was passing by Cape Town I would stay at the hotel just to experience the market and the food. In fact, they have created a little oasis that means one might never leave!

The market is walking distance from my house which means the temptation to hardly cook and pretty much move in is strong.


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