Earthfire Pizza

Our pizzas are well known, for their light crispy bases, their fresh colourful toppings and mouth-watering combinations.

At the heart of Earthfire Pizza, are our unique wood fired ceramic pizza ovens. Our love for pizza has evolved from a childhood fascination and excitement about everything to do with pizza, to a journey of experimentation and pizza oven development. We decided to take this passion and joined the Cape Town Food Truck scene where we showcase our ovens and share our delicious pizza creations with everyone. Through this journey we have become quite famous for our thin crispy bases which we now pre-make and sell to the public. We love being a part of this exciting new movement of Markets and Food Trucks bringing our brand to people in ever changing locations.

Our factory is in Lekkerwater road, where we make and sell our premade pizza bases, and sell our portable ceramic pizza ovens.