Mussel Monger

The Mussel Monger & Oyster Bar, founded in December 2015, is a brand of the MY PLACE Group. As with all our brands, we believe in doing one thing super well and becoming renowned for it. We are immensely passionate about focusing on the retail of the world’s two most sustainable seafood’s, Oysters and Mussels and specifically from the Saldanha Bay region, widely regarded as the world’s best.

Don’t eat oysters? Then try ours which is guaranteed to be like no other Oyster experience you’ve ever had.
This is solely due to the quality of product we source, and the manner in which we handle our Oysters and store them in our very own unique and custom built sea water tanks. The result is a plump, sweet, slightly salty and firm textured oyster packed with flavor and bite.

Our oak and brass finished Oyster bar at MOJO Emporium has awesome sea views and we believe in driving down price, so a plate of large oysters is on offer for R99, a plate of delicious Mussels for R75 and a range of MCC’s and wines are on offer to enjoy.

From farm to fork – We’re the only company in South Africa that’s is building a sustainable model in order to scale, which is based solely on the oyster and mussel industry of South Africa and that works directly with source.