Raclette – one of the best spots to get a toasted cheese in Sea Point

Crush Magazine recently had a look at the best spots to grab a toasted cheese in Cape Town – our very own Raclette made the list!

The classic toasted cheese sandwich will always be one of the most iconic and delicious things you can do with 2 slices of bread. A major shout out needs to go to the person that made that discovery. If you’re looking to treat yourself to tasty experience check out this list of places to get the best toasted cheese sandwich in Cape Town.

Where to Get a Toasted Cheese Sandwich in Sea Point & Hout Bay?
If you’re looking for a delicious, artisanal toasted cheese sandwich, then head down to the Mojo Market in Sea Point, or the Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay and find Raclette. This little corner cheese counter has only two dishes on the permanent menu but when they’re as yummy as they are, that’s all you really need. You’ll be able to identify the unmistakable smell of toasted cheese as you enter the markets, so let your nose lead you to where you need to go. Once you find them, order the Toasted Cheese, a pile of Austrian Raclette cheese (super melty), Klein River Gruberg, onions and leeks, hugged by two slices of Cape Point Bakery sourdough bread. It’s toasted to perfection and the mild flavour and uber meltiness of the Raclette is perfectly balanced by the local Klein River Gruberg. It’s cheesy, toasty heaven. Please click here for more.